CRP – Innovation for Community Radios

Here, at MISA-TAN office in Mkwajuni Dar es Salaam, has just started something revolutionary.

Six community radio professionals around Tanzania have gathered here to be the pilot group, whom are in a key position to develop the innovation. Community Radio Portal.

In the picture: Chairman of COMNETA, Mr. Joseph Sekiku

In the picture: Left, Mr. Amua Rushita from Mtukwao Community Media and Chairman of COMNETA, Mr. Joseph Sekiku

From this portal one can find what is happening around Tanzanian communities. Now we have four radio stations and COMNETA presented, but in the future this portal will contain news, radio stories and other information from all Community Radio Stations in Tanzania.

Here is a short presentation about the CRP and short interview with Mr. Amua Rushita from Jamii FM Mtwara


Markku Liukkonen

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