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These stories are published at Community Radio Robin Hood, Turku – Finland.

Rwandan journalist Mr. Thierry Francis Mbabane interviews Mr. Peik Johansson from VIKES

“The Internet is an essential journalistic tool. Since 2007, the Finnish VIKES foundation has trained Tanzanian journalists in e.g. more effective Internet use. In two recent years, also their Somalian colleagues have been trained in technical skills and journalistic basics such as ethics and freedom of expression.

Finnish journalist Peik Johansson has specialised in Africa-related questions and worked for VIKES since 2006. His work has given him a comprehensive insight into the reality of African journalists. “

kusikiliza hapa

The second story is also made by Mr. Mbabane from Radio Robin Hood.

“When Markku Liukkonen first travelled to Tanzania, he did not know what to expect. Now Markku works in VIKES community media project and educates community radio workers all over the country. Community media is very important for Tanzanians, because it helps them to get their voices heard and tackles issues not covered in mainstream media.

Due to long distances and lack of effective communications, it is often difficult for the Tanzanian community media to spread information. This is why VIKES and its Tanzanian partner organisations are developing a community media platform for information sharing and programme exchange.”

kusikiliza hapa


Mr. Mbabane also has a new program series which concentrates on East African conflicts from the point of view of the ordinary citizens, minorities and the media.

Media reflecting Human Rights and Democracy in East African Conflicts


Markku Liukkonen

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