Matumizi ya internet kwa radio za Jamii nchini Tanzania


Pichani Maisha Ambangile akifanya mahojiano na Sylivia Mwehozi hayupo kwenye picha kutoka Mlimani radio chuo kikuu cha Dar es salaam

Mahojiano maalum ya washiriki wa semina ya siku mbili namna ya kujifunza umuhimu wa kutumia mtandao katika vituo vya radio, pichani ni Meneja wa Kyela FM radio ndg Maisha Ambangile akimhoji sylivia Mwehozi mkuu wa  vipindi kutoka mlimani radio ya chuo kikuu cha Dar es salaam.

Kyela FM

Kyela FM

Kyelafm 96.0 Mhz Community Radio Ploat No FF 129-130 Kalumbulu Street P.O BOX 600 Kyela, Mbeya, Tanzania Tel:+255 787 324154 0r +255 784744632 or Website: Kyela FM is focusing on capacity building of the Government and local government institutions and build on the decentralized administrative system.Participatory capacity building activities will be concentrated at local level,enabling beneficiaries to analyze the constraints they face,identify opportunities and requirements and obtain and administer the support they most need.Participatory activities will focus on seven main areas: Community Infrastructure,Health,Environment,Agriculture and Education. Kyela FM Radio is a community based radio station in Kyela District, Mbeya Region.It was founded by Kyela Community Initiative Services (KCIS), a grassroots NGO in Kyela, Mbeya and was launched on 27 October 2010 by the UNESCO representative in Tanzania,Ms Vibeke Jensen. Kyelafm Mission is to stimulate rural development in Mbeya region by facilitating access to and dissemination of information,learning resources,and communication technologies.The station seeks to be “a voice for the voiceless”,offering its microphone to “marginalized” communities including the poor,women and children’s groups,the handicapped,and HIV/AIDS sufferers.Mbeya is one of the regions said to have the highest HIV/AIDS cases in Tanzania,mainly due to its location on the Tanzania-Zambia highway Kyela FM Radio broadcasts from 5:00 A.M to midnight,to a potential audience of over 3 millions in the five regions of Mbeya, Iringa, Ruvuma ,Rukwa and the northern part of Malawi where national TV’s and Radio does not cover.

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