How ICT has changed Community Radios?

Mr. Markku Liukkonen interviews Mr. Kamuhada Method, ICT Manager from Pangani FM and Ms. Sylvia Mwehozi, Station Manager and producer from Radio Mlimani, University of Dar es Salaam, about CRP and ICT’s at Community Radios.

Pangani was part of the first pilot group for CRP and they have been using CRP now for six months. How the Pangani FM staff has taken the CRP? Mr. Method also shares he’s vision about the future of Community Radios in Tanzania.

Mr. Kamuhanda Method at the CRP workshop

Mr. Kamuhanda Method at the CRP workshop

Ms. Mwehozi is also supervising the work of journalism students at the University radio. She has over seven years of experience at the Community Radio field and she shares her thoughts about how Internet has improved the interaction with the listeners and how ICT gives tools for radios to engage with the listeners.


Ms. Sylvia Mwehozi from Radio Mlimani, Dar es Salaam University


Markku Liukkonen

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