Community Radio Portal (Tanzania) is a joint venture by Misa-Tan, Vikes-Finland and Tadio.

Mission of this portal is to work as an distribution platform for Tanzanian Community Radios.

Under this portal one can find radio stories, news and other information from different Community Radio Stations around Tanzania. At this time (2016) portal is still in a beta-phase, with eight radio stations. Pilot Community radios are:

Hope FM from Iringa University

Kyela FM from Kylea, Mbeya

Jamii FM from Naliendele, Mtwara

Radio Mlimani from Dar es Salaam University

Orkonerei from Simanjiro-Manyara

Pangani FM from Pangani, Tanga

Pambazuko FM from Ifakara, Morogoro

Radio Fadhila from Masas, Mtwara

In upcoming years we will add more stations to this portal.

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For further questions, cooperation proposals and information please contact:

Markku Liukkonen – Site Administrator




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